Patient Privacy Throughout History

Throughout history, patient privacy and dignity was not always as highly valued as it is today.

During the middle ages and up until the 1800s, patients were most often treated in their own home or in crowded proto-hospitals. Patients were afforded no privacy in these institutions, and similar conditions can be found in the third world today. Poorer countries often have their hospitals overflowing with patients, and are understaffed and equipped to cope with the patient load – let alone protect their dignity.

civil war era hospital

Civil War Era Hospital

Things changed in the West at the turn of the century. Due to the high casualties on the Crimean, Boer, and First World Wars, nursing staff and physicians needed to find a way to protect soldiers and their families from the sometimes grisly sight of combat injuries. Their solution was to make use of medical privacy screens and curtains. While the units themselves may still have been overcrowded, patients would still be afforded a place to rest and recuperate in relative privacy.


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