Healthcare facilities around the world are using Kwickscreen.


    Kwickscreen hospital privacy screens can instantly create new triage bays within the emergency room. These portable privacy panels create a sense of calm and privacy during overflow, flu season, or disaster relief events. Portable wheeled privacy screens can be taken wherever they are most needed. Out indoor medical dividers and hospital privacy screens can increase the utility of any ER.


    Kwickscreen’s are retractable, allowing them to be easily transported to where they are most needed. These indoor retractable privacy screens can be used to provide a soothing environment to families in any scenario. Kwickscreens are compliant with EP protocols, and can be deployed in any makeshift triage area.


    Only the handle can be used to open or close a Kwickscreen, making them a dream come true for infection control. No more endlessly washing hospital curtains or wasting your employee’s time trying to sanitize hard to reach hospital curtain tracks. Our privacy screens can be cleaned and disinfected in place, and allow for antibacterial accessories.


    Traditional hospital curtains or medical privacy screens can be scary and disheartening for young children. Kwickscreens can be customized with aesthetically pleasing images, which can improve patient outcomes, and can be used as an indoor partition in order to keep families together.


    Kwickscreens can be deployed in any situation where patient privacy is a concern. They can even be used to advertise foundations or charities that visitors may feel inclined to support.

Kwickscreen indoor medical divider NICU hospital privacy screen
Kwickscreen hospital privacy screen indoor medical divider
Kwickscreen Pediatric Hospital Privacy Screen Indoor Custom Medical Divider

Kwickscreen Fixed Model Kwickscreen Hospital Privacy Screen
Kwickscreen indoor privacy screen medical divider
Bendable Kwickscreen Indoor Privacy Screen

    Kwickscreens make a fantastic indoor privacy screen for new mothers and their babies. These decorative privacy screens can provide a sense of peace, and a soothing atmosphere.

  • NICU

    Kwickscreen medical privacy screens allow parents and newborns to bond in a clean environment, with modifications available to allow staff to observe without interfering. The portable screens can be bent around a bassinet, or fixed in place for ease of retraction and storage.


    Kwickscreens allow a patient to recline, while still maintaining their privacy. Screens can be partially transparent to ensure that staff can maintain a clear line of sight. They utilize art to sooth patients and aid in their long term wellness.


    Kwickscreens can create new income for your facility by easily turning single bed rooms into multi-unit wards – all with zero construction cost or downtime.

These are just some of the uses for our Kwickscreen Room Dividers and Hospital Privacy Screens, the possibilities are endless!
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