Use the QScreen in Simulation

Create Immersive Medical Simulation Environments

The QScreen room divider and hospital privacy screen by Kwickscreen USA is a versatile mobile wall that simulation centers across the country use to provide high-fidelity backdrops for immersive medical simulation environments. KwickScreen USA’s customizable screen panels can be printed with scenes of medical surroundings to set the scene for any training scenario.

Kwickscreen in Simulation

  • Kwickscreen Indoor Medical Simulation
  • Kwickscreen Indoor Medical Simulations
  • Kwickscreen Indoor Medical Simulation

Ambulance Simulation with a QScreen

Reduce your simulation costs

The QScreen by Kwickscreen USA is an inexpensive, time-saving device, enabling fuss-free creation of realistic medical simulation scenarios. Easy to use, transport and store, the QScreen can provide pop-up, immersive environments in seconds.
Re-create a real-life situation anywhere – simply pull out a screen, position actors and equipment and begin your simulation.

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