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Patient Privacy Screens Mitigate In-Hospital Noise

Patient privacy screens can assist hospital staff in the arduous task of mitigating in hospital noise pollution.  Noise pollution in hospitals is a major issue that can lead directly to poor patient outcomes. Some of these outcomes include decreased healing leading to more time spent in the hospital and an increased risk of acquiring a […]

Fixed Privacy Screens and Dementia Care

Fixed privacy screens can assist staff with the difficult behaviors that are associated with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Dementia, and by extension Alzheimer’s Disease, is a progressive degeneration of the memory centers of the brain. Those afflicted slowly lose the ability to recall their short and long term memories, speak, and care for themselves. Their ability […]

Patient Interaction Using Patient Privacy Screens

Patient interaction with healthcare staff is an important part of the healing process. Patients should be aware, from the start of their treatment until it is over, that their healthcare team is not only involved in, but actively interested in their long term healthcare journey. The delivery of healthcare services used to be immensely paternalistic. […]