How much does the Kwickscreen weigh?

Our Kwickscreen weighs 65 pounds.

What is the Kwickscreen made of?

Our Kwickscreens are sturdy with the body made using steel and aluminum.

What is the Kwickscreen inner panel made of?

The inner panel is made of a special polyester. It can be provided as clear, white, hazy, or “black” polyester. The “black” polyester is actually a black layer sandwiched by two white layers and it is designed to block light.

Can I get antibacterial wheels for my Kwickscreen?

Yes antibacterial wheels can be ordered for the Kwickscreen for a small cost.

Is there a fixed version of the Kwickscreen?

Yes there are both fixed and portable versions of the Kwickscreen Room Divider and Hospital Privacy Screen. The fixed version can be mounted to, or recessed into, any wall and are attached with brackets into the wall or floor.

Is the Kwickscreen fire rated?

Yes the Kwickscreen has a Class A flame spread fire rating.

How easy is it to clean the Kwickscreen?

The Kwickscreen was designed to comply with general infection control performance specifications in mind; the body as well as the inner panel can be cleaned with nearly any type of cleaning or disinfecting agent including bleach or hypochlorite. The inner panel doesn’t need to be laundered like hospital curtains and instead can simply be wiped down or steam cleaned in place.

Can anything be printed onto the Kwickscreen?

Yes as long as we’re provided with a high enough resolution image file. We also have a library of hundreds of images that can be picked from. We can use any image or logo combination or any  Sherwin Williams or Pantone color.

How easy is it to change the inner panel of the Kwickscreen?

It is very easy to change the inner panel of the Kwickscreen. If you have inner panels with different designs or logos you can simply unzip the panel from the body and frame and zip in your other inner panel.
One person can change the panel by themselves.

How does the retractable mechanism of the Kwickscreen hold up over time?

The retractable mechanism holds up very well over time with usage because a large part of the mechanism is in the special tubes that frame the inner panels. These tubes are very robust, so robust that they are used by militaries as mobile antennas in the field and even for extendable solar panels on prototype satellites.

Does the Kwickscreen have a warranty?

Yes the Kwickscreen comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

How "green" is the Kwickscreen?

The Kwickscreen was designed with ease of disassembly and end-of-life recycling in mind. The Kwickscreen also has a lean minimal design and low carbon footprint. Our manufacturing plant is rated ISO 14001.

Kwickscreen USA Indoor Medical Divider Hospital Privacy Screen Dimensions

Do you still have questions for us?

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