Why the World’s Top Hospitals are Using Kwickscreen Hospital Privacy Screen

Some of the most prestigious hospitals in the world, including Johns Hopkins, NYU, UCLA, and hundreds of other Healthcare facilities have adopted the Kwickscreen for their hospital and medical privacy needs. The Kwickscreen is a hospital privacy screen that is totally unique to the healthcare industry, and is poised to revolutionize patient privacy and care. The question is, why?

Traditional hospital privacy curtains and flimsy screens have been a mainstay of medical treatment and hospital design for the past 100 years. However, these traditional curtains are horribly inefficient, do nothing to improve patient wellness, and can actually be somewhat dangerous when it comes to infection control. Traditional hospital curtains surgical hospital privacy screenmust be removed by staff and laundered separately, and the curtain tracks must be individual sterilized depending on the infection control protocol being used. This increases not only cost, but the amount of time needed for staff to properly sanitize a room. They also increase the risk of nosocomial infections such as MRSA due to the inherent difficulty involved in cleansing the curtains and tracks. What’s more, hospital curtains are impersonal and can cause adverse psychological effects in some patients.

Kwickscreens are different. The only part of the mobile privacy screen that is touched by staff is the handle. This can easily be wiped down by any anti-microbial agent. The decorative screen can also be cleaned in place. With a simple anti-microbial wipe, or removed by staff for more intensive deep cleaning elsewhere. Kwickscreens are inherently a mobile medical privacy screen. They can be moved around or fixed in place, depending on the needs of the patient or the unit. Our hospital privacy screens offer complete freedom of movement; enabling staff to more easily triage patients, extend the viability of units, Create instantly new areas without the time delays and costs of construction or renovation, or even move the privacy screen to accommodate hoists and lifts or other equipment without sacrificing patient privacy.cedars sinai hospital privacy screen branded image

Our mobile hospital privacy screens also utilize evidence based art design. The pleasing images on the screen serve to not only increase patient privacy, but also patient wellness through the soothing psychological effects of pleasing scenes and imagery. They can be used anywhere that a patient would require a pleasing image or enhanced privacy. A hospital privacy screen can also double as branded imagery. The possibilities are almost endless.

The top hospitals in the world have already made the switch to the Kwickscreen hospital privacy screen. In light of the facts, why hasn’t yours?

Kwickscreens in Offices and Administration

The office can be an awfully drab place, and working somewhere with a demoralizing atmosphere can quickly decrease employee morale and productivity. While on its face, having a bland office or administrative area can make a lot of sense. After all, no one wants a bunch of distracted employees. However, these drab environments have been shown time and time again to reduce productivity and employee satisfaction with their work. These environments are dis-empowering to employees, and cause them to seek more distraction rather than less.

Though the Kwickscreen was designed as an indoor hospital or medical privacy screen, it can be used in any indoor space that requires partitioning or a more pleasing environment. The ability to create meeting spaces Kwickscreen indoor office divider indoor privacy screenwhen needed, transforms a poorly functional space into a good one. The largest institutions in the world, such as Deutsche Bank, have taken on this concept wholeheartedly. Deutsche Bank has become one of the largest consumers of art in the world, and has seen a reduction in employee attrition and an increase in productivity and morale as a result. An indoor privacy screen with a pleasing image on it is a sound alternative to the traditional cubicle farm.

Rather than adding bland cubicles to your open concept office space, consider adding a Kwickscreen indoor privacy screen. The pleasing images and portability of the screen will benefit not only your space usage, but also your employee satisfaction. Happy employees are productive employees, and few measures will help your employee morale quite like a pleasing space.

Kwickscreens in Infusion and Cancer Centers

Infusion and cancer centers are raving about the Kwickscreen medical privacy screen. Rather than use the traditional, impersonal, and often times frightening traditional hospital privacy screens, these centers are taking full advantage of the Kwickscreen hospital privacy screen for their patient wellness and privacy needs. The screen’s ability to bend makes it ideal for areas using recliners like Infusion and Cancer units.Kwickscreen Hospital Privacy Screens Infusion and Cancer Centers

Our privacy screens have been chosen by renowned institutions for several key reasons. Firstly, our indoor privacy screens are mobile, and can be sterilized easier than traditional hospital curtains. You simply wipe them down with bleach or any other anti-microbial agent. The screen can be cleaned in place, or can easily be removed from the frame by staff for deeper cleans As a Kwickscreen is only ever touched by its frame by design, infection control can be performed in any ward using them faster than in a unit utilizing traditional curtains. They can also be used to clearly mark isolation rooms and areas of a unit requiring increased monitoring. This is especially applicable to cancer and infusion patients with a potentially depressed immune system.

Kwickscreens allow you to improve the atmosphere of your unit, leading to a calming effect on your patients. The pleasing images printed on every Kwickscreen reduce anxiety through a concept known as Evidence based art design. An indoor hospital screen with one of our designs can lower patient stress and make their treatment experience more pleasant.Kwickscreen Hospital Privacy Screens Infusion and Cancer Centers

We know that Evidence based art designs work. A study performed by the Society for the Arts in Healthcare found that 72.8% of patients exposed to art during their treatment processes had improved mental, emotional, and at times even physical recovery rates. One finding even showed that patients exposed to soothing natural scenes during their treatment had better pain control overall, and required fewer opiate painkillers than those who were exposed to a more traditional hospital environment.

Kwickscreen Hospital Privacy Screens Infusion and Cancer CentersAny serious medical treatment can be enormously stressful for the patient and their families. Evidence based art therapy, the basis of the Kwickscreen hospital privacy screen, has been shown time and time again to lower patient stress levels, speed recovery, and be emotionally soothing.

Kwickscreen medical privacy screens can also be moved or bent in order to the improve privacy and dignity of those undergoing treatment.  Kwickscreen mobile medical privacy screens can also be moved around the unit according to the patient or staff needs.

No longer do hospital units, especially those of cancer and infusion centers, need to be sterile appearing and unwelcoming places. Kwickscreens continue to change the world of indoor medical privacy – one unit at a time.