Kwickscreen Indoor Portable Medical Divider
Kwickscreen Indoor Medical Divider Indoor Portable Hospital Screen

Many hospitals are making the switch to Kwickscreen

Extended Kwickscreen Indoor Divider

Introducing the Kwickscreen

For years, the only viable options for maintaining patient dignity and privacy while in hospital have been hospital privacy screens, hospital curtains, and other forms of wheeled privacy dividers. The innovative and groundbreaking Kwickscreen has revolutionized indoor space partitioning, the concept of a hospital privacy screen, and its capacity to improve patient care outcomes through psychological care and a reduced rate of nosocomial infections. Physicians and hospitals around the world have applauded the Kwickscreen for its portability, ease of customization, cleanliness, and the overall aesthetic based comfort it has provided to patients from all walks of life. The future of portable medical privacy screens is the Kwickscreen.

The Kwickscreen can be used effectively to partition any indoor space, and is perfect for use as an office divider, emergency preparedness, to set up impromptu triage areas, and more.

Watch the Kwickscreen in Action

Our Kwickscreens are easy to clean and disinfect, portable, flexible, customizable, and versatile. Kwickscreens have been adopted by some of the world’s foremost hospitals for their medical and hospital privacy screen needs. Watch our mobile privacy screens in action in the video to the right.

Just a few of the Hospitals that use Kwickscreen

You can see a larger list showing some of the hospitals that use our Kwickscreen Room Divider and hospital privacy screen on our clients page.